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Why Most Doctors Will Never Understand Weight Loss

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Doctor holding a stethoscope
It's natural to go to your doctor to lose weight. So why do they seldom have good solutions?

There is tremendous insight in the video below featuring Dr. Ken Berry, a big proponent of the keto and carnivore diets.

Dr. Berry himself used to be overweight, suffering from pre-diabetes, high inflammation, and a host of other health problems. One day, in order to become the role model he knew he should be, he finally decided to get healthy,

Dr. Berry started following the accepted health guidelines: he started eating whole grains, avoided saturated fat, began jogging, and... gained ten pounds.

It began to dawn on the good doctor that the conventional wisdom on health and nutrition might be wrong, so he set out on a quest to find the optimal human diet. This led him to discover and adopt the keto way of eating, and then, eventually, a carnivore diet.

So why do most doctors continue to espouse the benefits of the SAD (standard American diet)?

Dr. Berry explains that most doctors receive only half a semester of nutrition training in medical school, so there is very little basis for a general practitioner to question what they've been taught, as only the basics are covered in medical school.

But Dr. Berry also explains that most doctors don't actually believe that their patients are following their advice!

As he says,

"Doctors have this thing: they think that their patients are secretly non-compliant. Like 'I told you, join a gym! Stop eating Cheetos!' But secretly I know you're in bed eating a honey bun and not getting on the treadmill.
But the problem is: I knew that I was doing it! I knew that I was jogging a mile a day and I knew that I was eating zero saturated fat and eating multiple servings of whole grains and lots of fresh fruit, and I was gaining weight and my numbers were getting worse! So I said, 'Okay, obviously I don't know a damn thing about human nutrition.'"

Dr. Berry began to read books that weren't given to him in medical school, and took a deep dive into the science of human nutrition, ignoring the conventional wisdom and government-recommended dietary guidelines. He soon realized that the field of nutrition was being gamed by corporate interests to keep us on a steady diet of carb-rich foods despite what science tells us in healthy.

So how did we get here as a society?

Dr. Berry's research led him to discover that a combination of misleading research, big agribusiness firms, food producers, and big pharmaceutical companies led to a "perfect storm" of opportunity for serious profits for these sectors. When combined with the fact that the sickness caused by adopting the SAD was gradual enough to go under the radar of most medical practitioners, a high-carb diet became a way of life for most people, despite what science had to say on the matter.

Take a look at this fascinating interview with Dr. Berry and discover for yourself why you should choose your doctor very carefully!


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